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Jenny Craig Review, Discounts and Comparisons

Jenny Craig Diet

In this review, we want to tell you about a program that sends you all the foods you need to lose weight for a month, and also connects you with a dedicated weight loss trainer to maximize your success. This is one of the best diets we've tried.


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We're going to show you what makes this diet so awesome. We'll show you how it works, how much weight you can lose, and where you can lock in the best deal.

If you've been looking for a diet that can finally help you reach your goal weight, then this Jenny Craig review is for you.

About Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is a diet delivery program, which means they send you a month's worth of food. Basically, you eat the food, and lose weight.

The thing that separates Jenny Craig from other meal delivery diets, however, is that they offer a full service, one-on-one coaching program as well.

Jenny Craig Review

By combining these two factors: diet delivery and coaching, you get what many consider to be the perfect marriage of diet services.

When you sign up with Jenny Craig Rapid Results, you'll get:

  • A Dedicated Jenny Craig Consultant
  • Great-Tasting Food: More Than 100 Menu Items to Pick From
  • Amazing Weight Loss Results: Lose up to 3x more weight than dieting on your own

Jenny Craig Pricing

The biggest knock on Jenny Craig is the price of the food, which adds up fast!

Jenny is an effective way to lose weight, if you're willing to pay about $12.99 per day (depending on the chosen diet plan).

Jenny Craig Pricing

In fact, the average Jenny Craig dieter will spend between $20-$40 per day, plus grocery store items.

This means to follow the Jenny Craig program long enough for it to be successful, dieters will be spending about $700 a month on diet foods.

Jenny Craig Pros & Cons

Just like the reviews, the good outweighs the bad, but here's a brief look at both:


  • Fast Weight Loss: Up to 16 Pounds in Month 1
  • 100+ Menu Items
  • High Quality Frozen Food
  • You Get to Work with Your Own Personal Diet Coach
  • Based on Your Body's Biological Clock
  • Rapid Results Built Around Science
  • 3x Better Results than DIY Diets
  • Option of In-Person Meetings
  • Use New Jenny Craig App
  • Maintenance Program to Keep You on Track Once You Hit Your Goal
  • Should be Fairly Easy to Follow for Most
  • Starts at About $20 per Day w/Food
Jenny Craig Menu


  • More Expensive Than Other Diet Delivery Programs
  • Some People Prefer Making Their Own Food
  • Not Everyone wants to work with a coach
  • Food is Processed
  • Can Be Hard to Keep the Weight Off Once You Stop the Program
  • Requires Large Up Front Financial Commitment

How Does Rapid Results Work?

Rapid Results is the latest weight loss program from Jenny Craig. It's based on a new eating schedule, that is reported to help you lose more weight.

Here's how they say it works:

Leveraging Your Circadian Rhythm

Jenny Craig Rapid Results Schedule

Rapid Results puts the latest in scientific research to work for you [3], and that's where the circadian rhythm came in – if you don't know what that is, this is a basic breakdown:

How it Works:

  • Eat during a 12-hour window
  • Let your body rest during the other 12 hours

The reason for this?

Your body's metabolism operates on a "predictable" curve. Meaning it peaks around noon. Because of this, you're better off eating when your metabolism is naturally in burn mode, and not eating once it slows down for the day.

That means, you'll stop eating by 8 PM most nights, when you're body needs rest, and your metabolism isn't operating at full strength.

Benefits of Rapid Results' “Daylight” Eating

There are other benefits that come with eating during the daytime, which have been backed by scientific research.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Weight Loss
  • Live Longer
  • Get Sick Less
  • Improved Cardio Health
  • Decreased Cancer Risk
  • Better Gut Health
  • Better Mood
  • Improved Brain Power

How Much Weight You Can Lose?

According to Jenny Craig, Rapid Results is helping people lose up 16 pounds during their first month on the program.

The average weight loss for most customers is somewhere around 1 to 2 pounds per week.

Jenny Craig Weight Lose

It's important to remember that weight loss results are going to be different for everyone. That means your results may be very different than the numbers that Jenny Craig advertises.

If you ever feel like you're not losing enough weight, or have any questions when it comes to this, be sure to connect with your Jenny Craig consultant, who is there to help.

Real Testimonials (The Good + Complaints)

If you dig around on Jenny Craig enough, you'll find mostly positive reviews. They have a 4.3 out of 5 rating on Consumer Affairs, and a respectable 3.9 out 5 rating on Trust Pilot.

Positive Reviews

Sophia has been very happy with her weight loss results…

"This is my first time doing Jenny Craig and I love it. 6 weeks and I'm down almost 25 pounds. I love the food and the counselors are nice, down to earth women. I couldn't lose weight to save my life. After a few weeks I would usually come off and gorge. I don't feel deprived at all. I really love the food and daily desserts."

Charlotte says there may be highs and lows, but stick with…

"I used Jenny Craig for almost a solid year and I had an absolutely phenomenal experience. I've learned and done a lot of the things, and I've kept the weight off. That's always a good sign. The program genuinely works. You'll have ups and downs but if you keep pressing through it, it comes off. Use the counselor when you're feeling like you can't make it. She can come up with ideas such as making up the vegetable soup. That's really good."


Most of the complaints we came across seemed to be related to the cancellation process or the price tag. It's important to note, that Jenny Craig responded to all of the negative reviews we read, and seemed committed to make things right with the unhappy customers, so kudos to them.

Emelia seemed to have trouble canceling her free trial…

"Signed up for $20 Trial Program. Received first shipment of food. Enormous large box containing mostly freezer food. Had to empty my freezer to store it. When I talked to JC that I couldn't store that much food at one time only choice was to cancel and there was a $99 cancellation fee. Not much of a trial."

Amelia wasn't happy with her results…

"I did the plan lose 16 lbs in 1 month. I followed it the menu exactly, never cheated. Worked out five days a week. Lost only 7.2 lbs. I thought I would lose a little more. Save your money. It cost $74 a pound."

In regards to Amelia's complaint, it's important to note that Jenny Craig says you can lose “up to” 16 pounds during your first month. That doesn't mean you are guaranteed to lose that amount of weight. Weight loss results are going to vary for everyone, and are a dependent on a number of different factors. If you ever feel like you aren't on track, that's where your coach comes in – they're there to keep you on track and help you reach your goals. Use them -they are there to help!


Jenny Craig can help you lose up to 3x more weight than your typical DIY diet. That's because they combine the power of meal delivery, with the proven benefits of one-on-one weight loss coaching.

Together, you get the perfect combo for weight loss success.

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